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Is the Watermark Institute an accredited university or a degree granting institution?

No, the Watermark Institute is not accredited to award academic degrees. It is a private entity affiliated with Watermark Risk Management International (WRMI). Like WRMI, the Institute specializes in furthering the fields of security, defense, critical infrastructure protection, business continuity, risk management, ethics and compliance, and disaster preparedness. The Watermark Institute is a Department of Criminal Justice Services accredited training school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Institute provides a wide range of education and training in organizational, business, personal protection, investigations, federal ethics and compliance standards and requirement, and advanced risk management analytical topics.

What is ahead for the Watermark Institute?  Do you anticipate expanding the services?

During calendar year (CY) 13, the Institute is concentrating on two primary goals. The first is the continued development of education courses in the security field as well as important corollary fields such as critical infrastructure protection and disaster preparedness. We may also be offering webinars on selected topics of federal ethics and compliance. The second goal for CY 13 is the development of its unique library of professional journals and other products to serve the needs of security and risk management professionals who are doing research into their fields.  While some such materials have existed in some universities to support criminal justice or homeland security degree programs, other parts of the security field have been without such a resource. The Watermark Institute intends to help fill this resource gap. During CY 14, the Institute will further develop its training courses with a special emphasis on courses for mid-level managers and leaders. Also in CY 14, the Institute will begin hosting (or co-hosting with partner institutions) topical symposia in the security field with a concentration on how to think about emerging issues and be prepared for tomorrow’s security problems.

Is there a schedule of courses or price list available for the Institute’s academic or training courses?

There is not currently a schedule or price list. The Institute can tailor education or training for groups up to 20 individuals in a large variety of security related topics within three weeks of contact from potential clients. The actual class can then be offered within another three weeks. Small classes or short (1-2 day) training sessions can often be accommodated on even shorter notice. As more courses are completed in their design, a schedule will be posted on the Watermark Institute site.

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