Mark Mateski

Dr. Mark Mateski's primary responsibility is directing and staffing Watermark’s innovative red teaming, alternative analysis, and strategy analysis services, to include project design, project management, and training. Dr. Mateski is one of the country’s foremost experts in red teaming and alternative analysis and has applied his techniques to a wide range of threat, vulnerability, and risk studies for both government and commercial clients. For over 15 years, he has pioneered the application of practical, structured techniques to the art of red teaming and is widely recognized as a thought leader in the red teaming community. Dr. Mateski was the opening keynote at the Army’s most recent red teaming conference and directed two red teaming conferences while at Sandia National Labs, one as the technical chair and a second as the technical chair and conference host. He founded Red Team Journal, the Web’s premier red teaming site, in 1997. He has also developed courses on red teaming methods, deception strategy, information assurance, and cybersecurity.

He has nearly 20 years of experience directing and supporting wargames, studies, and assessments addressing a wide range of topics, including future military operations and technologies, terrorism attack modes, physical security, and information security. For several years, he supported the Defense Science Board (DSB) as a contractor and edited multiple DSB final reports. He is a former editor at Jane’s Information Group (now IHS Jane’s) and also served as operations manager for Jane’s Global Consultancy.

Dr. Mateski earned a B.A. in Political Science from Brigham Young University, an M.A. in National Security Studies from Georgetown University, and a D.Sc. in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University. In addition to his work at Watermark, Dr. Mateski teaches six different graduate courses for The George Washington University’s Engineering Management and Systems Engineering department.

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