What is a BYOD, What are the Risks and How to Protect Your Business?
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One of the biggest obstacles for business owners in preventing cyber risk liability, data breach, and other privacy claims is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The concept of BYOD is causing confusion and anxiety for many business owners.   What exactly is BYOD, what cyber risks does it create, and how can your business mitigate these risks?

Those days have changed.  When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, employees started asking why both their business and personal needs could not be met on one device.  This trend has continued with newer operating systems like Windows, Android, and now Blackberry 10. 

YOD (Bring Your Own Device) is just as it sounds.  Many employees are now bringing and using their own portable devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets to conduct business for their employers.  The days of giving employees company issued Blackberries that are 100% company controlled are dwindling. 

Consumers are in charge and that can cause problems when sensitive company information is used on personal devices. 

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